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Silicon Valley Pipe Dreams: Utopianism in the Technological Era

The Silicon Valley boom has digitalized, streamed, and imported to the cloud almost every aspect of our lives. Only politics remains untouched, for now…
With a curious blend of 1960’s counter-culture, entrepreneurial clichés and Social Darwinism, the Silicon Valley is articulating its version of ideal government. And, as with everything the Valley touches, it promises to be nothing short of a utopia…

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The Politics of Horror: 100 Years of Cultural Fears [Infographic]

The horror genre relies on primal fears – chaos, destruction, death. The imagery in which this fear is couched, however, is culturally-specific.

To each epoch it’s narrative and structure that brings meaning to the violence we, as human beings, instinctively fear. Through 100 years of existence of the genre, it is also the history of the 20th Century that is told. And what a frightful century it has been…

Jeff Bridges, left, John Goodman, center, and Steve Buscemi appear in a scene from the motion picture "The Big Lebowski." (AP Photo)

The Politics of The Dude: The Big Lebowski and the Gulf War

The opening lines of The Big Lebowski leave no doubt about it: if there is a man for his time and place, the Dude is the man for that. He fits right in there, we are told: in Los Angeles, in 1991. But what else is he fitting into? and how?

From the unlikely duo formed by the Dude and Walter to the mostly silent role played by Donny, the film is an allegory of American political life during the Gulf War.


Christmas: Inventing Tradition and Building Suburbia

The Christmas season has always been the site of deep tension. Today, these are primarily expressed in two ways: a critique of political correctness’ refusal to call Christmas by its name and concerns over consumerism’s excesses.

Not only do both criticisms fail to grasp the historical circumstances that gave birth to the modern Christmas, they also fail to comprehend the far-reaching consequences of its founding on the American way of life.


The Anthropocene: Unearthing Universalism and Resizing Political Narratives

The current geological age is defined by man-made climate and environmental change. The anthropocene crowns centuries of human activity and represents the intersecting of economic development and the biosphere.

Yet, ‘anthropocene’ is more than just a geological term. It lies at the intersection of science and politics, holding the universalist promise of science while falling prey to political recuperation.


What is the spirit of terrorism?

The term terrorism has been applied to a large spectrum of events and motives: from targeted and symbolic actions to mass shootings; from political radicalism at the turn-of-the-century to present-day religious fundamentalism.

Yet underlying its diversity, the asymmetrical violence of terrorism plunges the gaze of both terrorized and terrorist into the other’s subjectivity. With what effect?