How it started

As most things do, Cultural Damage started as a bit of a joke: “the world would be better off if tabloids published the odd cultural theory essay.” Then again, does the world really need another cultural theory blog?

Thus, breaking even on its karmic balance sheet, the first cultural theory tabloid was born.

What it’s about

It’s cultural theory minus the grandiloquence. And while some may say that defeats the point, we say that if you can have an entertaining read while:

  1. disagreeing with the use of the concept of hegemony;
  2. finding that the distinction between connaissance and savoir is somewhat unsatisfactory;
  3. arguing that it is still too highbrow;
  4. all of the above;

then that is a “job well done.”

How to get involved

We’re always looking to get some feedback from our readers. If you want to get in touch with us, we encourage you to do so on the Contact page of the site.

We’re also happy to discuss article submissions with potential contributors. To pitch us your idea, visit the Contributor section of the site.